Friends of Joyce Park
a Michigan non-profit corporation

How You Can Help

This page will keep you informed of opportunities for involvement with the Friends of Joyce Park non-profit organization. We have some funds available to help, or for things we cannot find volunteers for. 


Hopefully before May 14, 2022

Need someone with a rototiller to turn up the soil in the garden areas. The memorial garden is being expanded, so our malfunctioning little tiller is insufficient to accomplish this. 


As Soon As Possible

The corporate paperwork has been done, except for a 501c3 filing. But, we still need to establish the organizational structure. We need a minimum of five trustees to fill the roles of president, vice-president of operations, vice-president of membership, secretary, and treasurer, on the board of trustees. Our by-laws allow up to an additional four trustees, for our ideal nine trustee board. 

We are filed as a membership non-profit (as opposed to stock) with the State of Michigan. So we need members. Members elect the board of trustees, and have the final say in matters pertaining to FOJP. 

In addition to the areas of improvements, upkeep, and events, there are a number of other possibilities, such as webmaster, social media, newsletter, etc. which could use one, or more, volunteers.  


When We Find The Right Volunteers

The park's large log benches are currently sitting upside down. We need someone with the tools, and the skill, to nestle them into their log supports. 

The front half of the park, where the house was removed several years ago, has sunk some, and is lower than the surrounding edges. It needs to leveled somewhat. Perhaps that whole area should be tilled (if you know someone with a small tractor) with some new topsoil added, and reseeded.   


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