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Events & Gatherings

The first gathering at Joyce Park was the Joyce Marguerite Gibbons memorial, and celebration of life, service on May 14, 2020 at 12:30 p.m. It was followed by a luncheon at Bridge and Main from 1:00-4:00 p.m. in downtown Grand Ledge. We used their upper room, referred to as The Annex on the door facing the back parking lot. It was a very nice facility with great food (they catered the event). Unfortunately, they closed within the year, and are no longer in business at 219 North Bridge Street. 

From Joyce Park you headed up Bridge Street across the river. Bridge and Main was on the left.



What Is Next


October 7, 2023 (Saturday) is the Grand Ledge Fall Festival. When Covid-19 reduced the festival from three days to one, it was simply not practical to set up the MLHE encampment, and take it down again, in a single day. After 30 years on the island, our first time at 115 East Lincoln Street was in 2021. Joyce Park will again be our location in 2023. We hope you will join us there, and please let others know. 

Kenn Kuester Memorial Event

Our displays begin with the French fur trader period, which has been a part of the Grand Ledge Fall [formerly Color Cruise & Island] Festival for over thirty years. Furs and information signs will continue to highlight the importance of the fur trade in early Michigan history following European contact. Then we showcase a tent primarily focused on the 1800s. New displays begun in 2021 also feature items, and progression, within the 1900s. Once more, a Native American Children's Teaching Garden (Three Sisters Garden), illustrates the native way of integrating crops together, each providing benefit to the whole. 

The emphasis for Educators Day is on home school groups, and classroom groups, but the general public is welcome as well. If an Educator/Leader lets us know what time their group will be coming, we will arrange to have someone available to guide them from station to station. Phone MLHE Director Sara Keller (269 788-2027), or Cindy Langenberg (517 643-0184). 

Festival Day is our participation with the festival community in welcoming the general public to the Grand Ledge Fall Festival. 

Founders Day is a casual day. Tents, and most displays, will still be up. It is our day to remember our founder, Kenn Kuester, and other early participants. Period dress is optional. Fires will be going. You are welcome to bring a picnic, or something to roast over the fire (we are not licensed to provide food to the general public). Even though the day is primarily geared toward past, and present, MLHE participants, presenters, and volunteers, others who were involved in the festival, family, friends, neighbors, and the general public are all welcome. 



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